The Cabinet of Ministers, The Ministry of Electricity and Renewable  Energy, The Ministry of Military Production,
The Ministry of Housing Utilities and Urban Communities, The Ministry of Local Development and The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trading

Why Exhibit?

Since the government’s announcement of feed-in tariffs in 2014, Egypt has been recognised as a pioneering nation in the field of solar energy. Find out how Solar-Tec can help your company develop its business, with access to a large audience of highly targeted buyers from across the MENA region.

Who Should Exhibit?

New & Renewable Energy  |  Electronics  | PV Cells and Modules | Energy Storage
Systems | Inverters and UPS Systems | Batteries and Battery Management Systems |
PV Components| Tracking Systems | Mounting systems| PV Applications | PV
Manufacturing Equipment | Materials and Components

Who will you meet?

Agent  |  Distributor  |  Supplier | Construction |  Government  |  Municipal Authority  |  Electrical Power Systems   |  Public Utilities   |   Engineering Consultant  |  Main  |  Contractor  |  Real Estate   |  Community Developer   |   Sub-contractors  |  Architecture   |   Engineering   |   Operations   |   Oil & Gas |   Petrochemicals |Procurement   |   Purchasing   |  Project Management   |  Quality Assurance